Supporting a sustainable future






Sustainable and regenerative farming

Our goal is to encourage and assist every landholder in the region to include strategies for sustainable and regenerative farming with a view to increasing productivity and profitability in the short-term and into the future.

Climate change and drought

Our goal is to develop and promote resilience in our natural resource management and farming practices to prepare for and mitigate the challenges of climate change.

Biodiversity and habitat

Our goal is to achieve a healthy and sustainable level of biodiversity in both flora and fauna throughout our region, achieving a thriving landscape.

Feral animal and weed control

Our goal is to support a coordinated regional plan for the identification, prevention and control of feral animals and weeds.

Water sharing and water quality

Our goal is to support the fair and efficient use of clean water in our region to meet the needs of all stakeholders - landholders, industry and domestic users..

  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR FIRE AFFECTED FARMERS: Assistance available for livestock and fodder and damage phone 1800 814 647 (more information ...)
  • RAINOOO is underway but if you haven't joined us you are still very welcome ... contact us for more details
  • Liverpool Plains Land Management's AGM will be held soon ... think about getting involved
  • Draft Koala Conservation Plan released for Gunnedah and Liverpool Plains

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